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Customer Relations: 800.627.4437
Lease Customer Network: 800.887.5155
Physical Damage/Total Loss: 800.777.7525
Consumer Collections: 800.777.6116
Loss Recovery: 800.777.6700

Customer Relations
IFS P.O. Box 660360 Dallas, TX 75266-0360

Physical Address for Overnight Mail
IFS 8900 Freeport Parkway Irving, TX 75063

Account Payoff
IFS P.O. Box 660364 Dallas, TX 75266-0364
Attn: Payoff Department

Lease Early Termination Payment
IFS P.O. Box 660604 Dallas, TX 75266-0604

SignatureDIRECTPAY®- Enrollments and Cancelations
IFS P.O. Box 650424 Dallas, TX 75265-0424 Attn: SignatureDIRECTPAY®

Physical Damage
IFS P.O. Box 660672 Dallas, TX 75266-0672 Attn: Physical Damage

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